Tight Hair Disco

Where Funk Meets the Dance Floor!

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"Did sound for this amazing disco band… I personally couldn’t stop dancing… Very tight and concise" - Randy Sherman

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Commanding the dance floor with infectious rhythms!

Get ready to set the dance floor ablaze with Tight Hair Disco! Our electrifying beats and soulful melodies transform any event into a disco inferno. With our infectious energy, your guests won't be able to resist the urge to get up and dance the night away. Let us ignite the spark that turns your celebration into a legendary party!

Diva of the Disco: Unleashing Soulful Melodies and Setting the Stage Ablaze!


Tight Hair plays the disco songs you remember and love!

From Boogie Wonderland to Stayin' Alive. From Le Freak to Disco Inferno. From Chic to Earth Wind and Fire to Bee Gees ti Evelyn King to ABBA. We have an amazing song list to draw from. You won't be disappointed.

Just a few testimonals...

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You create the best music that translates into the best parties ever! Maybe you'll have to play the save on food center to accommodate us all...

What a crazy party last night! Herman's upstairs was the perfect location to host the hottest band around...200+ people danced hard and loud for almost 4 hours - Tight Hair Disco just gets better & better every time we see them...the energy from Jody Dick, Hilary Beckett & Katherine Beckett is extraordinary...then they started playing "September" from EWF and the place went nuts! Wow...cya again on April 28th...